J Image Marketing
F-3A-3, 4th Floor,
Block Latitude,
Jalan C180/1,
Dataran C180,
43200 Selangor, Malaysia.
+6012-2047208 (Office)
+6016-2077709 (Jenny)
+6012-6672950 (Jerry)
+6010-2219139 (Norman)
+6016-2199139 (Sales)


Cooler & Warmer Bag


Plastic Pen

Polo Shirt

K-29009 Cooler & Warmer Bag

K-29003 Foldable Travelling Bag

MF-2073 Cooler & Warmer Bag

MF-2072 Drawstring Bag

K-3036 Silicone Wristband

K-3098 Silicone Slap Watch

K-3097 Silicone Watch

K-3096 Silicone Watch

Corporate Shirt FV 3201

Industrial Jacket JK 5201

Corporate Shirt FC 3401

Corporate Shirt OF 1100

K-29005 A5 Notebook

K-29002 Soft Cover Note Book

I-5040 Memo Pad

I-5039 Memo Pad

LL-6029 36" Parasol (Design)

LL-6028 30" Normal Windflow (Design)

LL-6027 30" Trimming Windflow (Design)

LL-6026 24" & 30" Joint Panel (Design)

I-7028 Jute Bag with Canvas Compartment

MF-7027 Jute Bag with Canvas Compartment

MF-7026 Jute Bag

MF-7025 Jute Bag with Canvas Compartment

K-29010 Plastic Pen

K-29006 Metal Pen

I-8084 Highlighter

I-8083 Highlighter

K-29004 Colourful Glass Bottle

MM-9069 Arabica Cup And Saucer

MM-9068 Ceramic Coloured Mugs

MM-9067 4 in 1 Polo Cup And Saucer

MM-10030 Thick Rim Soup Plate

MM-10029 Western Plates Series

MM-10028 Coupe Plates series

EM-10027 Coasters

I-11028 Square Stress Ball

I-11027 Star Stress Ball

I-11026 Love Stress Ball

ID-11025 Raincoat

Sewing Necktie

Printed Necktie

Plain Necktie

Lanyard Accessories

I-22006 Square Wall Clock

I-22005 Square Wall Clock

HL-22004 Elegant Faux Leather Hand Held Analog Timer

HL-22003 Rustic Wooden Thermometer with Digital Clock

K-29001 Emergency Power Bank & Charging Cable with Key Holder

I-23013 Key Thumb Drive

I-23012 Thumb Drive

K-23054 Solar Square Power Bank

Car Umbrella Bag

K-29007 Phone Ring

K-29008 Portable 2 In 1 Tape Measure USB Charging Cable

I-24033 LED Torch Light

BY-25028 Multipurpose Organizer

ID-25013 Digital Luggage Scale

I-25032 Cap

I-25031 Sun Visor

BY-26018 Pill Box

H-26017 Pill Box

EM-26016 PP Pocket Tissue

EM-26015 PP Pocket Tissue

BE-27018 Flag

BE-27017 Handflag

BE-27016 Spring flag

BE-27015 Car flag

I-28061 Songket Wooden Box (Blue / Red)

I-28060 Songket Wooden Box (Red/ Gold / Blue)

I-28059 Songket Wooden Box

I-28058 Wooden Box


Acrylic Board


Booth Backdrop Set Up

Toiletries Bag






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